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Snake-like causes of slitting line deformation


Snaking (sickle) in slitting refers to the bending phenomenon in the wide direction of the steel coil slitting line. There are various reasons for this. The general measurement method is a few mm for every 2m.

A: Snakes caused by raw materials

There will be latent residual stress inside the mother coil during the tie-making process, and the balance will be broken after the cutting process, resulting in the snaking.

B: The snaking caused by the burr

The burr occurred in the slitting process increases the thickness of the plate at the edge of the coiling machine when it is taken, and the bigger the coiling is, the edge stretches and causes snaking. Stand behind the winding machine to confirm the gradual increase of plate thickness, and then handle with paper clip or segmentation.

C: Snaking caused by uneven blade clearance

If the knife gap is larger, the indentation part of the cut part will become larger, and the side with the smaller knife gap will be stretched larger, resulting in snaking. Especially when the ratio of plate thickness to plate width is smaller (i.e. narrow strip), the snaking occurs more. Therefore, the material of narrow steel belt processing should be carefully paid attention to when matching knife.

D: Winding caused by unilateral stretching

When coiling, the overall tension of the plate should be uniform. Once this tension is concentrated on one side, the side with the greater tension will have a greater stretch, resulting in a snake. The reason is that the positioning of separator is bad, tension pressure plate is adjusted bad, lining paper is placed bad etc.

E: Snaking caused by operation when the side steering setting is too tight

When the side guide is set too tight during the slitting operation, the stretch of the part contacting the side of the plate can produce snaking.

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