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The construction of infrastructure accelerating EV charging station has become a trend

wallpapers News 2021-04-15
Introduction of DC fast charging station
The number of pure electric vehicles (EVs) is growing rapidly, and there is a need to accelerate the construction of charging infrastructure, including DC fast charging stations, which have the advantage of being able to power the vehicle up to 100 km in 10-12 minutes. While architectures based on renewable energy and battery storage technology (moving charging stations off the grid) are emerging, the mainstream solution is powered through the grid and through a converter (power range of 120kW or more, with a three-phase input power factor correction (PFC) and an isolated DC-DC converter.DC charging stations also provide secure connectivity to vehicles and authentication. We can provide a range of power separation components, including silicon carbide (SiC) and silicon power MOSFET, diode and insulated gate drivers, as well as high-performance STM32 microcontrollers and power metering integrated circuits, to help develop efficient high power density DC charging stations.
The working principle of DC fast charging station
The basic components of a DC charging station include a power unit, control unit, metering unit, charging interface, power supply interface and human-computer interaction interface. The power unit refers to the DC charging module, and the control unit refers to the charging station controller.DC fast charging station itself as a system integration product, in addition to the "DC charging module" and "charging station controller" two components constitute the core of the technology, the structural design is also one of the key points of the reliability design of the whole pile. The "Charging Station Controller" belongs to the category of embedded hardware and software technology, while the "DC Charging Module" represents the highest achievement of power electronics technology in the AC/DC field.
The basic process of charging is as follows: DC voltage is loaded at both ends of the battery to charge the battery with a constant high current. The battery voltage gradually and slowly rises to a certain extent, the battery voltage reaches the nominal value, SOC reaches 95%(different for different batteries) and continues to charge the battery with a constant low current."The voltage is up, but the power is not full, that is, no enrichment, if there is time, you can use a small current enrichment."In order to realize this charging process, the dc fast charging station needs to have a "DC charging module" to provide DC power supply. A "charging station controller" is required to control the "start-up, shut down, output voltage and output current" of the charging module. A "touch screen" is required as the man-machine interface to issue instructions, and the controller will send the instructions of "start-up, shut down, output voltage and output current" to the charging module.
The electrical part of the DC charging pile is composed of the main circuit and the secondary circuit. The input of the main circuit is a three-phase alternating current. After the input circuit breaker and AC smart electricity meter, the charging module (rectifier module) converts the three-phase alternating current into the DC that is acceptable to the battery. Then the fuse and charging gun are connected to charge the electric vehicle. The secondary loop is composed of a charging pile controller, card reader, display screen, DC meter, etc. The secondary loop also provides "start and stop" control and "emergency stop" operation; Signal lights provide "wait.
Machine ", "charge" and "full" state indication; The display screen, as a human-computer interaction device, provides the setting of a swipe card, charging mode and start/stop control operation.
The EV fast charging station supplier
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